Gadda Mania 2016

They say “For bikers there are no strangers – only brothers whom they have not met before!”

And I experienced it in this ride!

When this ride was announced, I was a little skeptical whether I should go or not as it was just a mad party with all the fellow bikers from other clubs who meet, greet & just have fun. I am typically not a party person. But then I thought it wasn’t just that. For me it was an opportunity to just be with The Guardians! To meet & get to know the ones whom I have not met yet. And believe me that was the best decision I made. I truly enjoyed being with each & every fellow Guardians there.

Sourabh had asked – what do you guys enjoy here when you don’t drink or smoke – I would say being with you all – the fellow Guardians or rather I should say brothers is the best way to enjoy being it anywhere. It’s not the place or a thing that matters but the company that one keeps. So I am different in a way I enjoy but I do! ☺

The ride started from Phoenix Market city Pune & our first stop was for breakfast. As we started for our onward journey after breakfast, few of the members took a wrong route – which by the way could have been avoided if I would have been a little cautious at the turn & waited till the tail reached the point. So that was a lesson learned for me. ☺ I will always keep this in my mind going forward. The next stop was again not a planned one – Mr. Zope’s bike got punctured & we had to get it repaired. But this unplanned stop turned out to be a bonding session. Seating aside big farm lands – lying down under tree shade, drinking cane juice & discussing everything from bikes to doing a Saddle-sore.

And this ride proved to be one of the best rides of my life! I was officially made a part of The Guardians Motorcycle club!! ☺ ☺ What a feeling it is! So honored!! ☺ Though I was always a part of it from the day I joined the club but getting accepted as one amongst them & wearing the club color while riding along with other fellow Guardians is all together a different thing! ☺ I never thought I would make it this level so soon! When I joined the club, I was just an amateur rider. I would rather not say a rider but just another day to day user of a 2-wheeler to reach from one place to another. I may now call myself an amateur rider & then getting accepted as one amongst the fellow Guardians & riding along with them who have proved their metal so many times is a privilege & truly an amazing feeling. Thank you for making me believe in me! Thanks a ton guys! ☺ It means a lot!

This ride proved to be one of the best for the club too! Biggest one that Sourabh shared was other clubs were greatly impressed with our bonding, presence in large number & one of the clubs has even shown interest in riding with us. That’s a great achievement for all of us – getting acknowledged at such event. Then listening to live jamming session by the one & only Ramesh Anna and Anukaran Singh from Wanderlust MC – playing some great music & getting everyone hooked to it. Ramesh Anna you rock! ☺

Ramesh Anna rightly said that when we are with The Guardians we feel at home – we feel we are a family which you won’t feel with any other club. I am honored to be part of The Guardians Motorcycle Club.

The Guardians Rock!!




Found a beautiful post on Mumbai from a true Mumbaikar!!

“Mumbai is rich,
Mumbai is poor.
Mumbai is fast,
Mumbai is slow.
Little bit sweet,
and little bit sour,
Sometimes it’s hot
but not too more’.

Mornings are energetic
and evenings are electric.
Noons are lazy but
Nights are crazy..
And any one you ask,
he always say “M busy”
Dude, life in Mumbai”
Is not so easy…!

There is lot of Masti with
little bit of Maska…
Welcome to the city 
that can’t live, without Bollywood Chaska.!

Sev puri and bhel puri
are all Mumbai chaat..
Relishing it with spicy chutney is no easy art..
From popcorn to ice-cream, all sold on cart,
Mumbai o Mumbai you’re always close to my heart.!

Where local trains
usually run on time,
And violently rushing
for a seat is not a crime..

Here 3 PM for lunch and
12 AM to dine,
People face hardships,
but still say “it’s fine”.!

From Mt. Mary in Bandra
to Mumba Devi in Town,
And ISKCON in Juhu to Haji Ali in Mumbai’s Crown,

Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali,
Everyone together celebrate Id and Diwali,
Holi is colorful and Christmas is cheerful,
Spend some time here and your life will be unforgetful.!

Billionaire to beggars,
all found in this city,
Be careful dude,
this place is a bit witty..,
Overall this dream-world
is huge but pretty,
Mumbai o Mumbai,
you’re wonderful city.

she is like mother to millions.

After all a mother is called,

MUM in English,
BA in Gujarati & 
AI in Marathi.

That’s MUMBAI….!
Ekdum kadak!! “

Dedicated to all Mumbaikars..!

Contest: Win the Adventure of a Lifetime with #AirbnbBucketList

Try your luck guys..

The Shooting Star

A week ago, I marked ONE YEAR of being on the road without a home. On my adventures across the globe, I’ve stayed with some special people and unearthed experiences that few knew existed. At a vineyard in South Australia, my host turned out to be a Polish refugee who had been sheltered during World War II by an Indian Maharaja. In little-known neighborhoods in Spain, Turkey, Philippines and Romania, I’ve sampled the way the locals live. And most recently, at a sprawling estate in the dense forests of Uttarakhand, I was hosted by a descendant of Burma’s royal family!

Airbnb igloo, #AirbnbBucketList A glimpse of where you could stay if you win #AirbnbBucketList!

How do I constantly find and afford such experiences? Airbnb, a website that connects local hosts with a home to offer and travellers looking for unique accommodations, is a big part of my answer.

So to celebrate my one year of being location independent, Airbnb has partnered with me…

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